Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Letter to Senator Graham

Dear Senator Graham:

There has been much talk of the pending federal budget, not only in Washington, but it seems like everywhere I go around Charleston.

Many people are wondering why, if we all must share in the pain of reducing the budget, that the very wealthy, foreign countries and private corporations don't seem to be making the same sacrifices that poor women and children and our veterans are being asked to make.

I have a budget for you.

Take the 2010 Federal budget and leave it in place. For the next year, take 10% off every federal check written, 50% to non-government corporations and foreign governments.

See what that does? Allows essential services to continue with some belt tightening, doesn't cause massive job losses in the public sector, and makes the middle class and working poor happy that they aren't the only ones feeling the pinch.

What about them apples, huh?

Oh, yeah, you can't score political points and demonize the "other side" if we are all really interested in what is best for Americans.

Oh, well, it was a thought.

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