Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's Think About Actions and Consequences

It is one of the basic lessons that we teach our children: actions have consequences.

So, let's all please step back from the hate-the-tax-sucking-poor rhetoric we've been spoon fed all our lives.

Now, I have some inside information on this issue because, as many of you may know, JAZ is one of those evil, money grubbing public servants who are living high on the hog off your tax money. Hahahaha.

Now, he doesn't complain about the money (although he should), because he loves his work. He likes that, as he was taught in his Catholic education, he is actually, hands on helping the poor and those who have the least. Guess that's what makes him a bad American, more interested in serving the poor than kicking them when they are down. What's next?

So, not to get into too many details, the clinic where he works provides low income working poor with reproductive health care. Pap smears, gyn exams, mammograms, STD diagnosis and treatment, birth control. (no abortions).

Now the House of Representatives (representing whom, I'd really like to know) has in their new budget to eliminate the tax dollars to pay for these services.

Well, peachy, that ought to teach those people to just go crawl in a hole and die of ovarian and breast cancer and the lack of free birth control will certainly cut down on unintended pregnancies, right?

Here is what is really going to happen my middle class people who work hard for everything you have and are tired of giving stuff to poor people:

They will turn to emergency rooms for their health care. Hospitals will not recoup the money from the poor, so they will raise their fees to you and your insurance company.

Your insurance company will respond by increasing your rates and decreasing the coverages.

So the only thing that will change is that instead of paying out some in taxes, the lack of health care for the poor will only result in YOU getting less health care and paying more out of pocket for what health care you do get.

It is cheaper to have a centralized point for the poor to get primary and preventative care rather than to treat in ER's.

So, let the fat cats at the top who get great benefits keep telling you that it's the poor who are causing all these problems.

Because it's them.

Not the grocery store cashiers and gas station attendants. Not the janitors, not the housekeepers. Not the gardeners.

Not the teachers or police or firefighters. Not the nurses or secretaries. Not the librarians.

Not really even those playing the welfare system for their own benefit. (Know why they play the system? No, not because they are lazy and don't want to work. Because they can. Because we suck at providing assistance in this country.)

It's them. The 2% of Americans who control almost all the wealth in this nation and have convinced us that giving them more money is good, but giving money to the poor and the near poor is bad.

This is bullshit. First they turned us against left and right. Then they turned us against poor and working class. Now they are turning the middle class against each other.

We all need to unite against them.

The people of the Middle East had to overcome crippling and real fear for their lives to stand and demand better.

Americans only need overcome their own apathy.

Loki sez: Stand up! Make your voice heard!

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