Saturday, March 05, 2011


Jason was doing his taxes yesterday and I tried to cheer him up by pointing out that, yes, Paris Hilton was probably going to pay less in taxes, thanks to the Republican Congress holding middle class tax reductions hostage until the wealthy got their tax cuts extended, but he was just going to have to realize that Paris EARNED her millions.

She earned those millions by being the by-product the collision of a Hilton sperm and a Mrs. Hilton egg, don't ya know?

I mean, seriously, you don't think her granddaddy just gave her that trust fund, do you? No! She worked her ass off. Getting a good education, proving herself to potential employees, working harder than everyone else so she could earn more. No-one gave her nothing! Right?! Well except for that trust fund that financed everything.

What does Jason do? Work a full time job five days a week serving the working poor and then he comes home and spends, what? Another 5-6 hours doing freelance work? What a slacker.

Thor sez: Will you go take some drugs or something?

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