Monday, February 22, 2010


I saw a comment to the effect that "I don't mind paying taxes, but I don't get any benefits from them." This person went on to explain how many people his taxes were supporting.

Okay. Here is a shocker: Your taxes go for more than welfare and food stamps.

Do you drive on roads and bridges? Your taxes paid for that.

Do you have police and fire protection? Your taxes paid for that.

Do you have a strong military to protect you? Your taxes paid for that.

Do you take drugs that the FDA approved of? Your taxes paid for that.

Do you drive a car with improved safety features? Your taxes paid for that.

Did your doctor, your accountant, your employer graduate from a public college? Your taxes paid for that.

Enjoyed a visit to a state or national park? Your taxes paid for that.

Welfare and food stamps are a small percentage of the budget.

Taxes are the price of being an American. Remember, freedom is not free! Some pay with their lives, most pay with their taxes.

The boyz say: What do you mean you need a tax deduction for cat hair removal?


Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart went off on Glen Beck's comment at the C-Pac that he 'got his education at the public library - it's free!" Stewart reminded him: "A public library is a library which is accessible by the public and is funded from public sources (such as tax money) and may be operated by civil servants." IT'S NOT FREE!

JanetLee said...

Thank you! Another wonderful example of what we "get" for our taxes!

Pam said...

Nice rant. The same thing always amazes me. We use things our taxes pay for all of the time - so much so, that we often take them all for granted. Drives me nuts.

Hope your back is better!