Friday, February 19, 2010

Ah, the South!

Cat picture to begin because I can't make the laptop work:

Last week it was snowing. Four inches. Today I had the windows open in the car and was too hot in a sweater.

Took my mom for some minor surgery today to remove a cyst from her knee. (and am really quite jealous that she has an easily fixable knee problem) She's doing fine but is going to be in some pain tomorrow. Was playing nurse/physical therapist all day. She is able to do the things she needs to do and my brother is there with her so I'll go back over tomorrow and do some more therapy stuff.

Scene: Surgery center waiting room. Man comes in. Sits down. Gets up and goes to receptionist desk. Asks her if the television playing is a "regular" TV because the Tiger Woods press conference is going to come on soon. Is reassured that the TV is a regular channel. Man sits back down and loudly announces to his companion, "I don't believe in all this celebrity hounding." Man and companion get up and walk closer to TV set to watch once the conference starts and has plenty to say about it.

Scene: Same as above. After press conference, group discussing it. Woman says (of Tiger's wife) "She should have just beat the shit out of him." Considered asking if she would have felt that Tiger should have "beaten the shit" out of his wife if she had been cheating, but refrained. Because as Jason has been telling me for a long time now: "People don't want to think, they just want to say things."

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Anonymous said...

Jason is a genius!! My pet peeve is people who state their opinion as a fact...