Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmaggedon!, The Aftermath



Sharon said...

So, you're in North Carolina? South? Someplace where you don't normally get all that white stuff, I gather.

I wish you could have taken pictures of Thor getting dunked in the snow.

JanetLee said...

Sharon - we're in coastal SC. The last time we had significant snow on the ground (meaning it actually stuck to the ground at all) was 2000, before that 1989, before that 1973. So, we get to act like little kids on a snow day.

Anonymous said...

Working now. That's an amazing amount of snow for Charleston. Was it a record? I recall an inch or two but it never lasted. Thanks for the video.

JanetLee said...

Anon - I think the 1989 post Hugo snow is still on top, then this one, then the 1974 snow.

Unofficially (I stuck a yard stick in the snow), we had 3 1/2 inches here. There was more in Summerville, but Jason said there was very little in downtown compared to West Ashley.