Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Subtle Art of Self-Manipulation

Sometimes it's more like the sledgehammer of self manipulation.

See, I am a very lazy person. It takes next to nothing for me to talk myself out of doing something I should be doing.

I really admire people who can just do everything they need/should/want/gotta.

I am so not like that. I have to manipulate myself into doing things I know I should be doing when flopping on the couch and reading seems like such a better idea. And it is very hard to trick myself as I know all my tricks.

Need to update my blog? Spider Solitaire is so much easier and who cares if half the links are defunct?

Vacuum? Why? Is a cat hair allergic person coming over today? Besides, they know when I vacuum and start actively re-hairing up the place.

Scrub the toilets? But Gilmore Girls is on!

Funny thing I noticed though is that years ago, I used painting every room in this house as a way out of working on Since I've Been Loving You. Now that I need to repaint (and am several years older and a lot less "OMG I BOUGHT A HOUSE BY MYSELF AND IT'S MINE MINE MINE"), I'm finding the reverse is true. Just the act of buying paint and paint brushes drives me to the computer and my latest project.

I have a list of projects. Stuff like: clean and paint laundry room (that one is done); clean out and paint inside of kitchen cabinets (I opened up all the cabinets, said "oh that's not too much, it'll just be the hassle of dragging everything out", sighed and closed the doors); clean out the hall closets (now this one, I have a real excuse - we have something like ten trillion old blankets and towels and sheets and stuff and I can't just throw them away and need to check with the shelters for both humans and animals to see about donating); sand and repaint the front porch rail (well, that's pretty self-explanatory that ain't getting done until it isn't 10 trillion degrees outside).

Maybe if I couldn't listen to Pandora radio or look at I Can Has Cheezburger until I'd done one productive thing....just one.

Thor sez: Productive? Like taking pictures of my spots?


Sharon said...

If you figure out that non-procrastination thing, would you please let the rest of us know?

I keep thinking if I just deleted Spider Solitaire from the computer...but I can't seem to figure out how to do that.

No, really!

JanetLee said...

Sharon - I've been working on it for years, you'd think I'd have some skills of self discipline, but alas, no.

Heather Solos said...

But I'm looking and not seeing an update on Once Upon . . .

JanetLee said...

Heather - only because of the current subject of my laziness. When I write in my word document, I can't just cut and paste into a blog post. I have to go into the body of the blog post and manually put in tabs and paragraph breaks, then I have to delete and retype every quotation mark because they seem to mean something different to blogger than to the entire rest of the galaxy.

I shall find a self manipulation/guilt trip that will make me start posting there also.