Friday, August 28, 2009


I think the entire nation needs to be required to participate in yoga. It might help with the super-tanker of anger that people seem to be carrying around and venting out on others. Breath. From the belly, people. Are Americans the only people who don't even know how to breath? Or are we just "too busy" to actually take a full breath?

Do all night shift workers get fall-on-the-floor-hysterically-laughing-crazy around 5am? We have recently adopted some you-tube video about some chick working in a Burger King (I can't remember the character's name) and the word "Rude!" properly applied can make us laugh until we cry.

Don't you think a fresh blueberry and dark chocolate diet sounds like one you could stick to?

If it weren't for bacon and Fiery Ron's barbecue and ribs, I could be a vegetarian.

Ever notice how I sit here and spew out crazy stuff when I am avoiding doing something productive with my day?

Loki sez: Tater Tot? Thank you, but no thanks. A little too plebeian for my refined palette.

(Note to the squeamish: first, that is Jason's fork and Jason holding it. Second, we had finished eating and he was offering Loki a left over tot. Jason buys tater tots solely for the excuse to do the scene from Napoleon Dynamite "Come on give me your tots." "No I'm freaking starving I didn't get to eat anything today!"



BarefootAdrianne said...

As a former-night shifter on the neurosurgery unit, I can say absolutely, without a doubt, I was almost entirely delirious by the time the sun rose. How do you explain to those on your commute home that you really were up all night and were not, in fact, hit by a truck, as it appears?

JanetLee said...

Adrianne - commuting home is half the fun. I live up a very congested highway and like to wave at all the people sitting in traffic going the other way. Now, looking like you were hit by a truck, well, in my case, that's pretty much day or night! It's my brain cells that are worrisome at 0700. I like to tell the docs, "I'm much smarter at 1900."

P.S. are you Doug's gal?

Sharon said...

I could go for that blueberries and dark chocolate diet, yes.

But then, I'm also not a vegetarian because of: bacon. It's not that I eat it a whole heck of a lot, but there's just some times where ya gotta have it, right?