Friday, August 07, 2009


You know that old saying, "if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't"?

We need to bring back another one: "if something sounds too stupid to be true, it probably isn't".

What has become of our intellectual culture when we can hear some bit of a rumor or propaganda and not be able to tell that it probably is, if not an outright lie, at very best a gross distortion?

Is it the new emotional addiction we have to indignant outrage and feelings of persecution?

If we aren't feeling outraged or persecuted, then we have no feelings at all?

Three things I have heard otherwise reasonable, intelligent people say:

1. Obama's health plan will require the elderly to be visited by a government official who will ask them how they want to die.

(This is probably a distortion of the hospice clause.)

2. Obama's health plan will outlaw cesarean section births, regardless of maternal/child outcome.

(I have NO idea how this one came about.)

3. Obama's health plan will require the euthanization of every cat in America because so many people are allergic to them.

(Oh, wait, that was Loki, never mind.)

Edit: Editorial that says it all better than I ever could, especially the last paragraph.

Loki sez: Can I hide in the attic when the government officials start going door to door looking for felines?


black iowa dirt said...

dear aunt janet,

i have to say that i've really been enjoying your blog since being told it existed by aunt dimples. i know you've dedicated yourself writing, and it really shows. i hope all is well with you in the lowcountry.

your nephew,
douglas nye

JanetLee said...

Douglas! We've got to talk, young man. Jason and I are trying to plan a trip to Amsterdam for next May. I need the "scoop".

Anonymous said...

The internet and chain letters have proven people will believe almost anything (remember the one about waking up without your kidney?) The opponents of this bill, as well as the Obama haters, right wing fanatics are just capitalizing on the weakness. No scruples, no morals, they will say ANYTHING and there will be people who believe it! Auntie Anon

JanetLee said...

Aunt D - the thing is, around here, I think people know it is bullshit, but they seem to enjoy the mean, bitter, hatred so much. It's sad and disturbing.

And anyone against paying for end-of-life counseling and hospice needs to do CPR on some terminally ill 90 year old and feel all those ribs cracking and breaking beneath their hands just because the family can't/won't let go.

Pat said...

Janet, thanks for the link to the editorial - Pearlstein does say it well, doesn't he?!?

Every day I am totally amazed by the bile otherwise decent people are putting out there in reacion to this proposal. Can they not see how bad and wrong this currently system is?

black iowa dirt said...

that's sweet! i will most definitely give you the scoop. my email is

i could also get your number from granny if that would be easier