Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally Friday!

Yippee! There has been much weirdness in my world this week. I'm finding myself deeply disappointed in people, something which rarely happens, because I am probably deeply disappointing to others, so I am extremely tolerant.

But the levels of stupidity I am witnessing in otherwise intelligent human beings is so profound that I cannot believe they don't know better, but rather are choosing to embrace lies and meanness and bitterness.

That is disappointing.

What is not disappointing is the brand spanking new desk top computer that JAZ the marvelous purchased and set up. It's faster than an American jumping to a conclusion. (okay ladies - he even cleaned off, organized and dusted the desk. He even PULLED UP THE RUG and swept underneath. uh huh)

And speaking of the great and powerful JAZ, if you happen to be wandering around West Ashley tomorrow, he will be reading one of his super fab short stories for Trident Literary at Barnes & Noble 11am.

Thor sez: I noticed all the rubber bands, pencils, pens, paper clips are gone. All the fun stuff.

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