Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where in the World is JanetLee?

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah, perhaps? Oh, I'm smiling for the camera, but the hike up about did me in. I said every bad word I could remember or make up. Finally, I was reduced to telling myself, "Your ancestors were Vikings! Your ancestors were Vikings!" That got me up the straight out climing up the side of a mountain section.
Coming down was much easier. Except when twisting your ankle on uneven rock and some people find it a photo-op.
Never saw a single one. Nor the mountains lions we were told to fight off if attacked. Sure.


Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

WOW! look at those colors! Beautiful.

Pat said...

You're back so soon? Couldn't the Nursery let you go long enough to have a decent vacation? There musta been a lot more of those beautiful photos to take out there!

Love the one of you twisting your ankle. That would've been me.

Pat said...

Oh, you're posting from the field, aren't you? Duh.

Anonymous said...

Relax and enjoy your vacation!!!
thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Pam, South Bend

Pixel Peeper said...

Wonderful scenery! And nice to see you, too! Looks like you might be enjoying your vacation (despite what you're saying...)

JanetLee said...

We're having a blast! Coming home tomorrow, can't wait to see my kittens!