Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thor Was Not Amused

With his trip to the vet this afternoon. Not even his real vet, but a stand-by vet (at the Banfield Clinic inside the Super Pets, they were all very nice and the vet really good despite the fact that she was probably about 15 years old).

But that's what you get when you throw up three days in a row. I was pretty sure it was all related to the giant hairball that come up Thursday morning, but looking at a long weekend, you start having thoughts.

Especially with Thor, who chews on things like a dog and has a penchant for eating spiders and rubber bands.

So, I just wanted a vet to look at him and rule out some sort of obstruction.

He is fine. He's already forgiven me for taking him to such a doggy place.

Loki, on the other hand, is still under the couch hissing. Why? I don't know. He's Loki.

Loki sez: He smells like VET!

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