Friday, May 22, 2009

May I Have a Mini-Jantrum?

"Thanks to DSS, we aren't allowed to discipline our children anymore."

There it is. The motto of lazy parenting.

Newsflash: Discipline means to teach, to train. It does not mean beat.

Stop being lazy and learn how to teach your children what you want them to be.

Loki sez: Doesn't mean the SPCA won't get you for feeding me loaf cat food instead of shredded with gravy.

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Anonymous said...

I went to the local airport last week to pick up my step-mom. A young mom got off the plane with a beautiful little girl that was about 3 years old.....she ran to her waiting father saying "daddy...
daddy!!!"...followed by her mom saying "here take this brat" literally made me cry...don't parents hear themselves...the little ones look up to us....they trust us...they deserve only the best we can give them...guidence with love and kindness. Pam, South Bend