Monday, May 04, 2009

Lost Monday

Lost in a haze of ativan and fentanyl, that is. Sore arm from an IV about to go bad. Thought about faking a freak out when the small bubble of air went through the IV, but as I work there, thought it best not to be weird (-er than usual).

No, a bubble of air into an IV will not kill you. I don't care how many people were killed that way on Murder She Wrote or Matlock.

But good news all around and I don't have to go see this doctor for another five years. Yippee.

Now that I've given my brain a dose of caffeine after two coffee-less days, I can sort of think again.

Thor sez: Do you think she's still drugged enough to be tricked into a second supper?
Loki sez: Worth a try, look hungry.

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