Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

Oy, I overdid the upper body work in yoga yesterday (teacher to class: and if you need to go to your knees or a child's pose here, please do. me to self: oh no you don't you lazy fat hag, you stay in downward facing dog, I don't care for how many breaths and you there, left arm, stop all that trembling shitake.)

The other day, when I went to get my hair cut, I wanted it even shorter than it is, but the stylist was afraid to cut it that short. It was the first time I'd been to her (and I really liked her) and she was afraid I'd not like it. I tried to convince her that of every human being who had ever or would ever sit in her chair for a haircut, I was the least likely to freak out over a cut.

Know the difference between a bad hair cut and a good hair cut?

Two weeks.

It's a good thing I actually looked at my schedule because it was changed. Would have been a poor result had they called me at 7:15 pm and asked where I was and my answer had been "on the couch with glass o' wine number two, why?"

Now any-one who has read this blog for a while knows that I think Bill O'Reilly is a vile, poisonous person. But I don't understand the big hubbub about him saying that he doesn't watch Sean Penn films because he (O'Reilly) doesn't care for Penn's politics.

I refuse to watch Tom Cruise movies because I think he is a complete misogynistic heiny-hole and his ego has become so bloated with falsehoods whispered to him that I can't even see the character he is supposed to be playing, I only see an arrogant prat prancing around.

Unless people are objecting to it because of O'Reilly's supposed influence due to the mean spirited entertainment show he performs in nightly.

Sorry, but I don't think people who regularly watch hate-speech and actually think they are getting legitimate news would even entertain the notion of seeing a film that tells a story that doesn't already fit into their narrow notions of how the world is supposed to be.

And for the record, I think Sean Penn has gone way too far left for my taste, but I'd still see his films because he can still ACT A CHARACTER and not, like Tommy Boy, simply act just like himself in every role. Oh look, Tommy is flying a plane, oh look, Tommy is a lawyer, oh, look, Tommy is a secret agent. Bo-ring!

The boyz say: Bo-ring is you, blithering on when we've had no lunch!


Heather said...

Two weeks unless you have super thick somewhat curly but not really mushroom head hair, then the pain can go on for a couple months.

Pat said...

So did she shave you bald or what?

Funny thing about Sean Penn - I can't get over the fact he was married to Madonna - sheesh! - but I think he's a helluvan actor. Tom Cruise? Not so much.

Will Smith, on the other hand...

JanetLee said...

Heather - this is true. Having formerly been curly haired, I understand completely.

Pat - no, the hair is about my usual "summer shear" length. And I agree about Will Smith, I've always liked him!