Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We Need Another Cat

So I can name him Odin and have an Odin's Day blog on Wednesday. Sorry guys, my muse has flown the coop and I'm trying to achieve peace of mind which is incompatible with keeping up on all the latest scandals and news.

I hung another bird feeder in the hopes that some of the smaller birds would get something to eat during the mockingbird/cardinal battles of Spring '09.

It became mysteriously empty over night.

Mystery solved. Thor and Loki are treated every morning to the newest show on Cat TV: The Amazing Battling Acrobatic Squirrel Show.

I put out critter feed for them, but nooooooo, it's just so much more fun to fight it out for the bird feed.

My Kavorting Kittens Kamera was sent to the camera hospital a few weeks ago. It just came home and we discovered that it is still sick and must return.

Thor sez: I'm so upset that I'll have to spend another few weeks without flash bulbs going off in my face.

(How ancient am I that I just typed "flash bulbs"?)

And the question of the day: How spoiled are my kittens?

Answer: So spoiled that I drag this end table to the front door when it is open so they can sit on it. (The bottom half of the screen door is plexi-glass, the top half screen, so they like to reach the top half so they can see and smell.) I'm actively looking for something a bit higher for them because now they have to stand on their hind legs to look out the screen.

That's pretty spoiled.

Loki sez: So?

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