Friday, April 24, 2009

A Girl and Her Floor

As mentioned on Loki-going-to-the-vet-freak-out day, in which I ended up going to the human vet (a former veterinarian once told me that an MD was a vet who only knew one species), we also discovered a leak under the house that had damaged the kitchen floor.

We lived for a while (due to my schedule) with part of the old floor down and a plastic tarp, seen here, over the spot where the flooring was ripped down to the subfloor. Where Thor could drive himself insane trying to look down under the house and oh, the smells he could smell.

The when construction began, the floor was stripped down to this:

Parts of the almost finished process. When these were taken, they still needed to fix the baseboards. That's done now and Monday (again because of my schedule), they will come and paint the baseboards and do any finish work.

I've been very happy with company who did the work and later I will write them a glowing review.


Sharon said...

I do hope Thor and Loki don't "help" with the painting of the floorboards.

Signed, BTDT with two cats who thought they were *supposed* to run through the paint pan and leave paw prints all over the floor.

JanetLee said...

Sharon - the contractor will be doing the painting, so the boys will be hiding. Hopefully the paint will dry before they come out to investigate. I am going to repaint some rooms this summer and it will be interesting to see how much paint get where.