Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

I feel like I've been running, running, running. Took a quick nap Thursday, got up to go to a very interesting lecture that much of went over my head as it pertained to very low birth weight infants, but got enough "hmmm" moments to make my rusty old brain cells start humming.

Then yesterday and today, we've been at the Kayak and Canoe Festival at James Island County Park, learning all sorts of things that are also completely over my head. Except the wilderness injury/medicine lectures, finally I got to nod and know what they were talking about and explain why I prefer Tegaderm over OpSite (two steps versus three, the third of which requires very fine motor control).

Now I'm chilling for a moment before heading over to Holy Cow for an art show.

The kittens are disgruntled.

The boyz say: It's okay if you don't love us anymore.

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