Friday, April 03, 2009

Undesirable Neighbors

I have begun to notice a collection of neighbors who I don't think are going to be up to much good in West Ashely land. I'd first heard rumors of such thing, usually from Grand Oaks where all the 'from off' people seem shocked to find wildlife in their yards.

Seems simple to me. You build your extra size Super McMansion along with 400 of your closest friends. Clear cut that forest land, who needs it anyway.

Apparently the mice and squirrels and moles and rabbits and possums and raccoons who had been using it for the past five or six million years.

So we obliterated them, send them off to starve and fight on smaller and smaller plots of land, closer and closer to roads crowded with speeders hurrying to get to the mall.

No wonder that some days, you'll find a couple dozen of them squawking and fighting it out some poor little puff tail that once belonged to the Easter Bunny.

I saw a couple of dozen sitting in a tree. Lunch special: tenderized raccoon.

They squabble over frog jerky in our fine neighborhood yards.

We need to get rid of them, I'm sure they are solely to blame for this housing market decline.

I'm talking about the ugliest chunk of fowl to hit the air ways: The Turkey Buzzard.There must be 10 living in my neighborhood alone. An acquaintance told me that many dozens could be seen at the edges of Grand Oaks (which has no more oaks, following the slash and burn developer plan of "name the place after whatever you destroyed and built over").

Loki sez: Oh no! The turkey buzzards are after Thor!

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