Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whatever Wednesday

Bad news - the bluebirds never returned to their house this spring.
(Edit: Poor observation on my part, I've just been watching Mamma and Poppa Bluebird flying up to their house and feeding the babies!)
Good news - I saw a male Downy Woodpecker, so I guess Ms. Downy Woodpecker has found a fellow.

Ms. Downy Woodpecker.

Bad news - Loki is going to take the 40 mile round trip ride to our most awesome vet tomorrow. He has a giant nipple. I've never had a cat with a giant nipple before, unless it was a kitty-momma breastfeeding (why, when seeing baby kittens or puppies breast feeding, we say, "ahhh, how cute", but when we see a baby human breast feeding, some of us get "outraged"?).

Good news - it's sunny and warm and I've got weeds to pull and pine straw to spread.

Loki sez: I've got 20 sharp pointy parts that say you'll never get me into the carrier, human!


Anonymous said...

Woodpeckers can be beautiful unless they are pecking the crap out of your home!!! We have one that has drilled 8 perfectly round
holes in our siding!!! We have patched and they simply move over a couple of feet and start over. We have had an exterminator out and there are NO insects for them to eat....I guess they just enjoy beige siding.....yum....tastes like chocolate....Pam, South Bend

JanetLee said...

Pam - I wonder if putting up a fake owl or hawk right at the site where they peck would help? I know someone who put a carved owl near a spot where squirrels were getting into her attic and it worked.

Anonymous said...

If I can get the courage to go up an extension ladder holding onto a fake owl or hawk....I might give it a try.....we have a real hawk that hangs out in our back yard I've thought of slipping him a quick $50 and posting the woodpeckers photo hoping to inspire him to "complete the circle of life" if you know what I mean. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Famous last words, eh?