Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh, Boo Hoo!

I've been bombarded in the past month or so with the sobbing horror stories of Hollywood conservatives who feel all out of sorts because they are a minority and have to endure listening to the "other side" talk smack.

Welcome to my freaking world for the last 30 years. For Pete's sake. If your religious, political, social views are in the minority, guess what? You aren't going to hear a lot of public support for them.

I have had to listen to a medical professional sneer, "Thank you liberals for wasting our time" each and every time we do the safety time-out in the OR. You know, that little wait a minute moment where we all confirm what we are doing. Seems pretty stupid when you only do one procedure, but one I'd dare say most of us would like our busy surgeons who perform many different procedures a day to take the time to complete.

I've had to listen to every conspiracy theory about liberals and have heard myself referred to as a "demoCRAP". I've had to listen to the most vile, hate filled speech on a regular basis. I get sick to my stomach on the bitterness in people's voices.

So deal with it big shot Hollywood person. You are not unique. There are many people in your shoes, cast as a minority in far more ways than you. We just don't get to have interviews in national magazines to whine about it.

Thor sez: It's dangerous out there, take this.


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Marcheline said...

Hey - this picture is on "I can has cheezburger"... did you post it there or did someone take it from this site?

It's pretty damn cute either way...

Joan said...

Wow. Your photo has gone on it's merry way. It is everywhere.

JanetLee said...

Marlene - yes, I saw that yesterday, quite a surprise. I had uploaded that picture to their site last year I think, with the "got luck" caption. Some-one must have found it and made a new caption.

Joan - it sure has. It's even on a t-shirt and at my dentist's office!