Monday, March 02, 2009

Ounce of Prevention

Interesting article in Time about the success of nurse home visits to low income parents.

Once again, if America is serious about the future of its children, if we want to begin to lower crime and increase success in education, if we want to lower child abuse and neglect, if we want to lower the numbers of people on welfare then we have got to start actually doing something to break the cycle.

Thor sez: Seems pretty obvious to me.


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your current post B U T ... today we
adopted a dog from our local pet refuge. My husband has been whinning about getting another dog for a couple of years (we had to have our other two put down within 60 days of each other). I was hesitant because we have a shy 13 year old (stricktly indoor)cat.
Well it's only been a couple of hours but so far it is great....our cat held her own on the stairs and the dog seems more afraid of her. The dog is a yellow lab about one year old and on the small side.....anyway I know you love animals so I wanted to share with you. God Bless, Pam,South Bend

JanetLee said...

Yeah! Congrats. I'm sure the cat and dog will come to some understanding.

What's his name?

There is a lady in the neighborhood who rides by on her bike as she is "walking" her Great Dane and it just makes me want one every time I see them.

Anonymous said...

OK you asked......the cat's name is Sullivan (wanted a grandaughter with that name and my daughter wouldn't use the name).....we have a precious Morgan instead. The dog's name is Carlie (Simon). That was the name her previous owners gave her....we kind of like it so we'll keep it. It's been 5 hours and she is unbelievable...she didn't beg when we ate lunch,she had to be coached up on the sofa, road in the car like a pro and didn't try to lick my Dairy Queen ice cream when we stopped for a snack.
My husband picked up poop for the first time in his life so we are on a roll baby!! He is on vacation for the next week so maybe we can get them both trained.
By the way my dad is in the hospital with kidney stones and they are talking about how slow things are and that another local hospital may have to close because of NO business. People are putting off all proceedures except emergenies "stuff". I know you work with babies and moms. I guess people will keep having babies especially if they are looking for recreation and can't aford birth control. God Bless, Pam, South Bend