Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank God It's Not Thursday Anymore

All that time wondering how poor Thor would feel being left alone, I never considered how Loki would feel about going to the vet.

Which was not enthusiastic.

As I tried to shove him into the cat carrier, he went ballistic and starting hissing and growling. I was just backing off to let him calm down when like Streaky the Super Cat, came Thor over my shoulder.

Cat fight ensues. Oh, WAIT, my arms are still in there.

Jump up, yell at double sided Tasmanian devil hair ball that is rolling across the kitchen floor, manage to break up the fight, Loki goes behind cat tree, Thor half under sofzilla.

Grab Thor, carry him to spare bedroom, while noticing that blood is running like a river out of my right wrist.

Go to kitchen sink, begin rinsing off wounds. Almost throw up/faint at the one on my wrist. Have a brief panic attack that the vein has been sliced through.

Call vet, tell them that I most certainly won't be there for my appointment. Call my doc, get told to bring myself to her right now. Call Jason, be hysterical. Go to doc.

Get medicines. Get fretted over. Await decision as to whether a plastics guy should sew up my wrist or just slap a steri-strip over it so it can still be somewhat open. Somewhat open wins. Receive stern lecture about wounds around the joint of my right pinky finger. If it even begins to think about looking funny, I am to go directly to the hand surgeon.

Ask if I can still go to work that night. Get laughed at, handed a work excuse slip and be told, "I wouldn't let you pick up my baby."

Interlude: pharmacy for medications (10 days of antibiotics), ointments, second litter pan for the separation room.

Back at home. Thor given food, water, litter box on his side of the house. Sit down on couch to try to soothe Loki.

What is that sound? That sound that sounds like water leaking coming from UNDERNEATH THE HOUSE??

Oh, it's water, leaking off the sub flooring under the sink. Call plumber guy, call restoration/repair guy, call insurance guy.

Have major anxiety attack.

Plumber guy fixes problem quickly and cheaply! (A connection under there had malfunctioned and the water was slowly running down the pipe, down under cabinet. Which is why we hadn't noticed, there wasn't water on the cabinet under the sink, it was going past that to the flooring beneath.

Insurance guy says I'm covered for the water damage.

Restoration guy comes and checks stuff and digs up a whole ton of my floor. Puts a dehumidifier and some fans in there to start drying it out.

Good news: The sub flooring is fine. It is only an area of approximately four by three feet in front of the sink, and the three by two area directly under the sink cabinet. So they'll dry it out. Then replace the plywood or whatever it is over the sub flooring and rip out all the rest of the vinyl and replace all the flooring. Which, Mr. Super Nice Restoration Guy told me, because I asked, if it was in the replacement budget to put down the same vinyl wood strips that I used in the back room, they could.

That's all.

Loki sez: Please don't make me stay in the hissy fit room! I'll be good!


Anonymous said...

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!

Joan said...

Good Lord! You don't do things half way do you?

Anonymous said...

That's ALL? Good grief! Jay can get Jackson into the carrier easier than that - and, of course, she chomped me the first day she came to live with us. Since there was water running already, too bad you just didn't throw a bucket of water on them! Maybe next time? - so sorry for all the misfortune! Love, Aunte

JanetLee said...

Aunt D - I've never had a problem getting him into the carrier before, so I was completely unprepared for the Loki-sized fiasco that ensued. I think my vet is going to have to do home visits or call me in a sedative for the cat (and/or me) for travel.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you noticed I said "Jay" can get her in the carrier - I won't even try! Cat bites are scary! I know you will take care. Problem is, I am 'bite shy' now - affects the 'relationship.' Strange reaction from what seems to be this otherwise 'low key' pet.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I might have more bad news for you. A few years back when DH had to go to the doctor for a cat bite, the health department came to visit. They said it was the law in S.C. that doctors have to report animal bites to them. The very nice lady from the health department just looked at Silvia (the biter) to see she was healthy. Then she came back in I guess about 10 days to see she was still healthy. So, don't be surprised if you get a call from the health department. Might want to have a copy of Loki's rabies certificate handy.

You know, it sounds like Thor was just protecting you from the out-of-control Loki? He probably meant well.

I sure am glad you had the sense to go to the doctors in the first place & hope everything heals well.


Anonymous said...

My husband seems to think it was because he was biten, rather than scratched, that the health department was notified. So maybe the boys are off the hook. #:^ )


Anonymous said...

BTW, if you are both sedated for the vet visit, who is going to drive the 40 mile round trip? How's the healing coming?

JanetLee said...

b in sc - thanks, I'll keep a look out for any health department types skulking around.