Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This Customer Was Served

Last February, I purchased a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner, which I promptly fell in love with and used so often that it bordered on OCD. Especially for someone with exactly two rugs in their home.

Then several weeks ago, it stopped working. Oh, it worked, it just didn't pick anything up off the floor. I was sad.

So I went to the website and followed the trouble shooting directions there until I got to the part where it said to call for assistance. And my heart sunk.

We all know the state of "customer service" these days and I did not look forward to negotiating the maze of "push one for", "push two for", "please hold". Or even worse, the "say yes now" or "say no now". At the end of which you get a surly human who puts you on hold until you can no longer stand the Muzak version of Barry Manilow's greatest hits, heavy on the "Mandy" and hang up.

Yesterday, I steeled my nerves, emptied my bladder, ate a hearty meal and cleared my day before dialing the number for the Dyson Helpline.

And was shocked, yes SHOCKED, when a real live human being answered on the third ring. Who was nice and helpful and even though my mailed in warranty had not been entered in the computer system yet, said no problem and just did it. Then talked me through my problem.


I love them. And I told her that, that I loved their vacuum, but now I love them even more.

And then I proceeded to vacuum everything vacuumable in the house.

Dyson Vacuums - The BEST. Buy one. Today.

Loki sez: You aren't going to vacuum me, are you?

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Marcheline said...

As a woman with a tan cat and a dark green rug, I thank you for your recommendation from the bottom of my hairballs.

- M