Monday, May 14, 2007

Lazy Monday

I slept late this morning, mostly undisturbed by the feline horde. So, using Highway 61 traffic as an excuse, it was too late to do any errands other than grocery shopping.

After that was complete, I wandered out to the back yard to check on things. The bluebirds are definitely living in the bluebird house.

First tomato:

It's just a little "patio" tomato plant. We'll see if it survives the wildlife.

The Catnip crop is coming along nicely:

Then, I wandered out to the creek, but our visitor from Florida was not to be seen.
I did, however have another creek side visitor:

Who decided under my chair was the perfect place to be:

In semi-sad news, we learned that Marie Leveau's restaurant is closing. We took my mom there for brunch yesterday and there was a big sign on the door. June 2 (or 3?) will be their last day. So if, like me, you love the red beans and rice or jambalaya, better hurry and get some before they close. The owner did say that they would be reopening as a noodle and sake bar.

Thor sez: Clean laundry? Is that my problem?

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