Friday, July 28, 2006


Really? Outrage?

Why are we as a society so f-d up? Was it the Puritans? Some-one explain this to me. We are not outraged by anorexic models with silicon, size D breasts flopping out of dresses cut down to below the belly button. We are not outraged by Diana Ross patting Lil Kim’s pasty covered boob on national television. We are not outraged by bare breasts in movies.

But let a baby nurse. Oh my heavens! It’s the end of the universe. The horror! The disgust! What if a child saw? What if a grown man saw? It might make him not like breasts anymore. It might ruin sex for him. It’ll confuse the children – we’ve been carefully presenting the media image of breast=sex - what will happen if the children learn that – gasp – breasts are for feeding infants!!!

The world may end!

This is what I think. If you think breast feeding is “gross” or anything other than part of the natural order of things. Then you have a problem and need to get over it.

Breasts are for feeding infants. Period. That is their function.

Yes, we use them for other things, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are there to feed infants.

I have never seen a woman in public just expose her entire breast and latch the baby on in full view of God and everyone. All use a little discretion and cover up with a light blanket. And if you find even that disgusting, because you “know what’s going on under there”, my question is: Why are you looking? Why are you looking to see what some total stranger is doing with her breast?

Grow up, America!


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You made the breast point anyone could make on the subject!