Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Forty thousand.

That is the number of "housing units" developers are expecting to put in the Bee's Ferry Road/Glenn McConnell/Highway 61 corridor over the coming years. The new "downtown West Ashley" with Super WalMart as its hub.

Just the idea of Super WalMart as a hub for a downtown area is, in a word, appalling. How much lower can we as a nation sink in this swamp? We ain't even near bottom yet, I suspect. Money talks, art and culture and class walks.

I'd like to see two things come to pass. One: I would like for the developers of strip malls to be fined heavily if, after one year, any stores in their strip are unleased. With interest compounded daily for each day said store remains unleased.

Two: Developers must for a period of ten years live in and send their children to public school in the new housing developments they create. They must ride the same roads as the rest of us. They must have their children educated in over crowded schools with trailers, oops, I mean "mobile learning units", filling up every inch of what used to be the children's playground.

That's all.

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Matthew said...

Well said! I live in West Asley and the completely uncontrolled development is a driving point for me to leave.

Heather said...

Well, don't look to the North Area. The land between Goose Creek, Summerville, and Moncks Corner is quickly being swallowed by developers.

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JanetLee said...

And don't look East of the Cooper because all the land from there to Awendaw and McClellanville and out to Huger is being snapped up by developers also.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

I totally agree with you and Matthew. After a lot og hemming and hawing on both parts, we moved to West Ashley almost 2 years ago to be closer to Jimmy's job. (He works at Fender Mender.) Once we got here, we liked that there wasn't much development. We love the school our son goes to. (Orange Grove, which was recently changed to a charter school.) But with all this new development, we're ready to look into buying an acre or two so we can have our peace. Even that is getting hard to find with all these "richers" as we call them snatching up land wanting to develop something or other.