Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I am completely discombobulated. My work schedule has been different for the past several weeks and it is throwing me off.

Last week after the first plumber left me high and not so dry with my burst water pipe and my so called warrenty company turned out to be not so into customer service, the battery on my truck died. Literally. That same evening. After not having had a shower in two days.

Let me take a moment to sing the praises of Mr. Rooter. I called them Saturday morning at eight a.m., they scheduled me, called back at eight-thirty to tell me the plumber was going to come at eleven due to a cancellation. The guy was here on time, pleasant, did the work in about three hours and was on his way.

Unlike the ones who shall remain nameless (for now) who knew I had no water, made me wait two days, refused to give me an estimate, and on Friday (pipe blew on Wednesday) told me they would call Monday to set up an appointment on Tuesday. Almost ONE WEEK with no running water? They were meanies.

Now though, I feel my karma train might be turning around. I just hope it stays this way for a little while. During the "bad" week, I snail-mailed off fourteen query letters to agents, some with samples, most not. Also sent were two e-mail submissions. We shall see.

I know some agents do not like to receive submissions that are out to other agents. But they were taking up to three months to get back to me so I could go on to the next.

I ain't gonna live that long.

I did touch each letter to Thor's pumpkin nose and each envelope was rubbed on Loki's Buddah-belly for luck. I just hope no-one at any of the offices are allergic to cats.

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Heather said...

Eek, your last paragraph made my eyes start watering in sympathy.

I wish you luck.