Friday, July 21, 2006

The only television show I watch with any regularity is Jeopardy. We shall, for now, put aside the bizarre obsession I had last year with America's Next Top Model. I liked to look at the photographs at the end!! I know, it's a weird twist on people saying they buy Playboy to read the articles. I'll admit it, I got sucked in to the reality sewer.

So, last night at the end of Jeopardy, they ran that stupid commercial: Head On: apply it directly to the forehead, Head On: apply it directly to the forehead, Head On: apply it directly to the forehead.

I was examining my reaction to the efficacy of repetition in this particular advertisment and determining that it did not make me want to run out to the CVS and buy the product. It did, however, make me want to head on up to the advertising agency and apply my foot directly to some-one's arse.

So, I missed some of the next commercial's opening and I was too flabbergasted to fully retain most of it, but there was a nice looking 40-ish woman, clean cut enough to be Wally and Beaver's mom, talking about how she liked things to be clean. Oooh, me too! I just don't like to clean things. Including her colon. WTF?? So she uses Colon Cleanse, so she can be clean from the "inside out".

First of all: GROSS! Second of all: GROSS, I was eating my frozen strawberry fruit bar!! Third of all: I think we all have a general respect for our colons, they go a good job for us. I know I try to be nice to mine and cut back on red meat and increase my fiber intake, but, isn't it sort of the colon's JOB to be dirty?
Fourth of all: I'm trying to get in the Jon Stewart mood here, don't be talking colons and shit (tee-hee) to me. In prime time. When the kiddies are watching. "Mommy? What's a colon? I want to see if mine is dirty. I don't want a dirty colon. Waaaaaaaah. Why can't I wash my colon???"



Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

OMG That reminds me of this meeting Jimmy had at work not too long ago. At the time we only had one vehicle, and that particular day, I needed said vehicle. I went, with three of our children (the younger three) to pick Jimmy up from work. He said there was a meeting about their health insurance, so I asked if I could sit in since I knew I'd have questions. While there, this obviously closeted gay guy was asking all kinds of questions. While that didn't bother me, nor that I think he's gay bothered me, but he saw my children there...ages 5, 3 and roughly 9 months. It was the question he asked about colon cleansing and went on in detail with his question. Yes, I was aware that no one expected children to be present, but couldn't his question have waited until my children weren't present? Not only was I uncomfortable with it, but I could tell all the other men present were uncomfortable with the question. I had the same questions form my youngsters that you had from yours. Justin especially, age 5. That was the longest 10 minutes of my life from Jimmy's work to home. I still don't know how we managed it!

Margo said...

...So funny!! :-)