Thursday, March 02, 2006

We went to the Charleston City Paper's big gala event last night. Now, I'm not a big party person and this was a BIG party. They rented out the Aquarium, had food and free drinks about every ten feet or so. Although I must say it took me back a bit to see the sushi bar in the Aquarium. hmmmmm?

Anyway, it was cool. Loud but cool. I couldn't hear or understand a single thing anyone said to me, so I guess I was the smiling, nodding moron in the crowd. But where else in Charleston are you going to see fancy high class lawyers rubbing elbows with "Extreme Akim" (who I went to high school with, now THAT is weird), local TV personalities, a "little person", a guy with a mowhawk, a girl dressed as some sort of German bar-maid hooker Little Bo Beep combo and the rest of us slightly normal people.

Okay, now a rhetorical question. A friend came by to pick me up for lunch out with some of the girls and she wanted to see my new floor/rug. Well, she really liked it but asked me why all my National Geographic magazines were in piles on the floor. Because they'd been moved so many times that they were out of order and I was putting them back in order (from oldest to newest) so I could put them back on the bookshelf.

She seemed to think that that was the height of madness.

Is it?

I mean, I know I'm slightly off plumb, but it isn't like crazy cat lady with 200 cats and one litter box crazy, is it?????

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