Monday, March 20, 2006

It has begun. Spring madness.

Because it's supposed to rain today and tomorrow, I stopped by Lowes on my way home from work this morning and picked up a big ole bag 'o weed-n-feed.

I brought said bag home and rummaged through the shed (not really, Jason did a mucho fabu-ola job of cleaning out the shed debris). I found the spreader I bought from my brother. I then proceeded to weed-n-feed the front and back yards.

Right now, crazy yard lady is probably still trying to decide if I really did appear before her wondrous eyes and perform real yard work. This is the lady who "vacuums" her lawn once a week during the non-mowing season with her riding mower.

Problem is, her happiness will be short lived. I'm pretty sure I overlapped too much in the front and too little in the back. Now, a striped lawn is appealing to me, a little whimsy in my palette of green. For someone like her, it will probably set her OCD in high gear and some dark night I'll find her in my yard with a flashlight and a can of green spray paint.

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