Monday, March 13, 2006

I was out of town most of last week. I drove to Norfolk to watch my son's ship come in after a six month deployment. And to see him also, of course. It was wonderful to see him again after more than a year. The whole experience was by turns fun, sad and moving. I was raised in a military family so the intense feelings of patriotism and pride were automatic, familiar. But I was an air force brat so the whole coming home from sea aspect was new to me.

Watching those young wives with their young children, watching the parents, watching the children (is that one Daddy's boat?") made me cry. And I think I know why, but that is a surface why. This week I will think about it, try to figure out what was so beautifully and poignantly sad about the people there that day.

And just for any future traveling plans you may have, here is a helpful hint. Apparently Wednesday is double wide trailer moving day on I-95. Just so you know.

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