Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday MishMosh

Oy. Wasting time until I have to go get a cavity filled, my blood drawn and a PPD placed. It's Monday, might as well get stabbed with needles all day, huh?

Contacting my father was worth the risk just to get this bit of information: My great-grandmother came over from Ireland with her pet canary and a load of homemade Irish butter to trade for necessities. (Makes me wonder what I'd bring - the boyz and a load of Benne seed wafers perhaps?)

This project is getting pretty big, thinking next time I print it out (I have to have hard copy to line edit off, for some reason I miss so many errors when reading on line) I may have to take it to Kinko's or Office Depot.

I have four chigger bites from our Daufuskie excursion. Jason has like 400. Poor thing. But when they started handing out "snake sticks" to beat the grass with, I bailed out. No way, not this chick. And my original Parent Trap reference of clapping sticks together was completely wasted. Sigh.

Twitter used to be fun and funny, now it is nothing but people being so serious and using it to further their professional image and status. So much for "social". Too much self promotion and not enough snark.

How can I remember all the words to American Pie, but I can't remember where I put my phone list?

And, because snuggly kittens are cute at any age:

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Sharon said...

Man, I grew up in the Bronx, could play all day and half the night in the grass and dirt and *we didn't have chiggers, nyah, nyah!*

But I've visited friends and family in the Midwest, so I know from chiggers now and can sympathize.

(The Boys are SO CUTE!)