Sunday, June 06, 2010

Loki Sunday

A guest appearance this Sunday:

I glanced out the window (this was yesterday afternoon) and said, "Oh hi, Momma Deer." Then I noticed the wee little antlers. I'm not sure who this fella is, could be one of Momma Deer's babies from last year (they both had little antler nubs the last time I saw them). I'm going to need a wildlife refuge permit soon.

Loki's new thing is to lay on the desk whenever someone is at the computer. Well, he lays on the desk for his daddy. He likes to sit up for me so I have to try to look over him and around him. Right now he is there, rolled over so his belly is up and purring as loud as he can, hoping for belly rubs.

Loki toes! I'm obsessed with Loki toes!

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