Friday, June 04, 2010

Beauty is Skin Deep, But Ugly Goes Through to the Bone

That's what my momma used to tell me. And there is so much ugly going on in South Carolina, that I feel like I need a bath just typing the word.

SC politics has always been the ugliest I've ever seen (Phone calls asking if the voter knew that John McCain had "an illegitimate black daughter" and "how do you feel about that?" were talking about his adopted daughter.)

But this latest go round is getting insanely stupid. Guys are swarming out of the gutter to claim sexual relations with the female candidate. Another calling her (and the President) "ragheads".

If all those "secret" closet doors start getting dragged open, I'm gonna start popping pop corn and watch the SC Republican Party destroy any chance of our state ever succeeding in accomplishing anything but making Mississippi feel good about itself.

And the saddest of all are the comments I've read saying that Jake Knotts (the ever so intelligent and family values and Christian man he probably claims to be) calling people "raghead" is just wonderful and calling on a Knotts/Wilson (You lie!) presidential run in 2012.

Please, can Charleston secede from the state? Pretty please with sugar on top? I'll pay more taxes and everything!

Thor sez: Are you humans incapable of being what you say you are?


Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

It's like a horror show, lately isn't it? Yikes.

Sharon said...

Yikes. And here I thought all the emails I get from Joe Wilson's opponent (asking for more money than I've already given--wish I could do more) were simply fundraising exaggerations.

JanetLee said...

The absolute worst thing is that people will still go into the booth and vote for these people.

Sandy said...

I agree, and I was rather shocked when he called them that!

Hello, I came over from Joan's blog and went all the way back to your May 3rd entry where you won my heart and made me laugh with the video of your kitty sleeping.

I love your blog and your kitties and Happy 50th Birthday too. I would love to go to Amsterday some day. You did know that 50's is now the new 30's?


JanetLee said...

Welcome Sandy! Isn't Joan the best?