Monday, June 14, 2010


My mother gave me a stack of old family letters to go through. Most are the usual keeping in touch type letters but the thrill of seeing the handwriting and holding the words of my great-great grandmother or great-great grandfather negates whatever mundane details they are writing about.

One letter, however, stands out.

It is addressed to my parents at an APO address. Those in the military will know this is an overseas mailing address.

On the back of the envelope, in my mother's handwriting are the words: "Last letter from Mother Godfrey before her death".

It reads:

Mon, A.M. Feb. 1st.

Dear Janet: (My mother)

Oh! How proud I was to learn there was to be another baby. (Me!) Yes, I hope and pray it will be a little girl. (I was!) Jean's was a girl, they were disappointed but such can't be helped.

I have not seen any of them in three or four weeks. Addie has bought a two bedroom house all on first floor. She says she likes it much better than the old one. I'm afraid that the Bird House (she kept birds in a large shed in her back yard and was known as The Bird Lady of Holly Hill) will be too small for your family. Ha! Ha! But the upstairs is still here so come on and bring little sister.

We have had rain, rain, and more rain. It does not do my trouble any good. Lost a filling in one tooth this past week so will go tomorrow to Dr. Breeland, I dread to even think about it.

Eunice has had another heart attack and stayed under oxygen tent about six days. She is now at home and talk to me as usual.

My violets are real pretty, have fifteen. I'm still looking for my picture. Wish that the one I have was just turned around.

Mother "Got"

She died six days later.

Virginia Pearl Stamper Godfrey


Sharon said...

Lovely. And very cool that you're doing all that genealogy stuff. I think I find other people's histories more interesting than my own.

JanetLee said...

Hoping to get it all together and do publish on demand books for Christmas presents..oops...if you are a niece or nephew, don't read this.