Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is Today?

I got lost somewhere around Friday and couldn't remember what day it was for the rest of the trip.

There are pictures and videos coming soon.

Spent approximately 20 hours in air/airports. Our flight out was delayed by about 2 1/2 hours leaving Schiphol because the Icelandic volcano decided to erupt again.

Luckily, they'd done some preparing (I freaking LOVE the Dutch and their efficiency) and had an alternate route planned. I can probably legitimately claim to have been to the North Pole now because that's about the route we took home. North from Amsterdam, across the North Sea, passing over the Shetland Islands, then over the eastern tip of Iceland (where we got to peek out the windows and see the ash cloud in the distance), then across freaking Greenland to the Canadian Yukon down to the left of Vermont (man-child stated he didn't think there was anything left of Vermont, aha ha ha, take a moment and think about it, that's the man I raised, razor sharp wit) then through PA and finally Washington DC, where of course we'd missed our connection. United was great, had us rebooked before we hit the ground at 6pm EST for a connection leaving at 10pm. Hmmmm, just what I wanted after 9 hours in the air. We walked in the door home minutes before midnight, 24 hours after waking up (to our body clocks).

So I'm tired. I forget my point.

One story. We went to see a blocks long city market called the Albert Cuypstraat Market. It was awesome, blocks of little stands selling all sorts of things. I bought my pink and black scarf there because it was cold and rainy. I'm strolling along and see a booth of the most amazingly beautiful flowers and head in that direction. I'm standing there, looking at the flowers, reading the names of those unfamiliar to me and thinking, "Why do these flowers smell like fish?" Then I turned around and across the way was a fish market with fish, crab, eel and other things hauled from the sea.

Jason took this picture and it is one of my favorites. It made me laugh because the fish on the right just looks so pissed off about being caught.

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Sharon said...

Actually, the one in the middle looks pretty pissed off, too.

Welcome back! I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll come back and read some more later on.