Monday, May 03, 2010

More Birds

I put a few of the strawberries we picked on Sunday out in the feeder. The mockingbird loved them and became very territorial. The raccoon ignored her attempts to chase him off.
Blue Jays are among my favorites for their color and attitude. Here is one in flight.

Red bellied woodpecker hanging out in the oak tree.

Yesterday was quite the wild kingdom around here. The squirrels, birds and raccoon were joined by a bunny, a turtle (seriously, first time I'd ever seen one in the yard) and a hawk that nabbed something feathery, I think a mourning dove.

And now, your moment of Thor:

Today I shall be in the grips of my compulsion to clean the house from top to bottom before leaving on a trip. Tomorrow I shall be doing last minute errands. Hopefully, I can leave you, my dear readers, with some kitten fun to tide you over while I am away. I don't know what the internet situation will be, but I will try to post from the Netherlands if I can.


Sharon said...

You're going to Holland! Bon Voyage!
The cats (and I) will miss you!

Pixel Peeper said...

Enjoy your vacation! Take lots of pictures! And then share them with us!

OK - that's enough with all the exclamation marks. Very excited for you. Very jealous, too.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip!