Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty Please with Sugar on Top?

Can we stop labeling everyone who disagrees with President Obama as a racist?


If they say something racist, fine, attach the label.

If they don't, let it be.

It's as wrong as when those who disagreed with Bush were labeled unpatriotic.

It is nonproductive, distracting and it halts any real discussion of issues.

Thank you.
The boyz say: Can't we just all get along?


Mike said...

It's the lack of real discussion that bugs me. I'd love to have a cable channel devoted to reasoned debate about the issues. Instead I have news channels where talking heads yell at each other.

jaz said...

Mike is absolutely right. This is what TV news has devolved into.

We have succeeded in creating a system in which acting like a four year old throwing a temper tantrum is REWARDED with money and fame.

Acting like a mature adult earns you yawns and a silenced microphone.