Friday, September 25, 2009

Look Before You Leap

Love this with all it's cat laser beam eyes. Loki had just come around the corner and spotted Mr. Hippity Hopperson. Sensing a potential drama moment, Loki feigns astonishment!

Being brave now. You touch it. No, you touch it. I think it landed on my face a few days ago. I heard it peed on MHS's hand the other day.

Oh my ceiling cat! It can walk upright like the humans!

For those concerned, the frog who willfully jumped off the front door into the household full of feline creatures was never in danger as he is neither salmon or turkey shredded friskie flavored. Not to mention the whole no gravy thing Mr. Frog ain't got happening. He jumped around. The kittens watched. He was evacuated to a safer envirnoment. i.e. the great outdoors.


Sharon said...

Oh, good, I was wondering how he got in the house to begin with and then I wondered who "won". But then again, I wasn't sure I did want to know.

Amazing shot of the frog standing.

JanetLee said...

Sharon - Jason took the pictures. I was leaving early in the morning for a class, opened the front door, froggie jumped in the house. When I got home these pictures were waiting on me. There were a few other with amazing frog jumps caught.