Thursday, September 10, 2009

Perhaps I'm Just Jaded

With the stings of fresh national embarrassment still throbbing, I can only say that I am simply horrified at the supporters of Joe Wilson and his "outburst".

Here is how I see it: I am a non-theist. If I came to your church and yelled out "you lie" to the pastor in the middle of a sermon, how would you feel about it?

But, I would not ever do that. Whether I believe he is lying or not, I have respect for the "office" of a pastor. I have respect for religious customs and an understanding of what is acceptable behavior within the walls of a church.

I have my own forums for expressing my beliefs on religion.

For Mr. Wilson to scream out in the middle of the president's speech to Congress, showed that he lacked the basic ability to control oneself in public.

And I have serious doubts that was the case - I think he knew exactly what he was doing and thought his fellow Republicans would applaud his outburst and he would become the new Fox media darling and gain a national platform.

He also showed an alarming lack of understanding of the customs and acceptable behaviors in the very heart of our democracy.

I don't care if he believes that Obama was lying or not. That is his right as an American to believe that. He can go to every media contact he has and sing it from the rooftops if he so desires.

But he should not have screamed out in that forum.

He needs to next apologize to the citizens he represents and the entire state for shaming us before Congress.

And if you don't care what the rest of the nation thinks of us, ponder this: How can our elected representatives effectively serve this state if the very mention of South Carolina elicits scorn and laughter?

We must be respectful to gain respect.


Mike said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

I too think it was rude!!!
I must also say as I get older
I feel more frustration...for example...if we do indeed have 90 billion dollars of fraud (and I don't doubt it for a minute) let's don't wait for a NEW health care plan lets start "weeding that out NOW". Can any of us find one person
one Sen or Con who has read these proposed bills???? and can answer questions about them????
Both SIDES spend all of their time calling each other liars and doing NOTHING for their constituants....AND before you know it it will be time to run for office AGAIN!!!! God help us all
Pam, South Bend

Anonymous said...

I must admit that as soon as I learned the yeller was from S.Carolina that I thought, "wow, JanetLee will have something to say about this!"
Phx Pat

Sharon said...

Very well said, indeed. My dad was living in South Carolina for a long time (he died last year) and, though he'd become a born-again Pentecostal lay minister, I like to think he would have been shocked to his toes by that outburst.

His Democrat opponent, Rob Miller, has so far raised over $500K in the hours since the President's speech--this included my paltry 20 bucks, but I consider those well-spent.

Pat said...

This has definitely been a summer of embarrassment for those of us who live in SC. Sigh.