Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Don't We Try Redistributing Some Knowledge?

I am not the smartest person on the planet by any stretch of the imagination. But my bull-shitake meter is pretty accurate.

Why do the American people play dumb so much?

Why do we pretend we don't know anything?

Why do we allow the propaganda machines to jerk us around like puppets?

Okay. The newest knee-jerk reaction snippet: Obama wants to redistribute wealth. Just like those sneaky old communists. Ooooooowwwwwwieeeeee! Aren't you scared now?

Thing is, civilizations have been redistributing wealth ever since there was wealth to redistribute. Render unto Caesar and all that, don't you know? Pharaohs had taxes paid to them. Kings had taxes paid to them. Common lords had their serfs pay a portion of their harvest.

And the Bush so called tax cuts just returned to the historical view that the poor should be paying the rich.

And McCain wants to continue this.

Obama wants the rich to once again start paying their fair share.

Look, I know you rich people work hard for your money. So do I. Let me hand you a baby that isn't breathing and doesn't have a heart rate. Let me give you a baby who has blown a pnuemo or has persistent pulmonary hypertension and let's see how hard you work then.

We all work hard for our money.

That ain't the point. The point is that the very upper reaches of income levels have been paying very little of their fair share.

And they love nothing more than to pretend that they don't know what they are saying. Say redistribute the wealth and most people think of their hard earned dollars going to people who don't work. We get angry at the poor who are on government assistance because we have this vision of them leading this lazy life of good times while we go marching off to work every day. But that isn't what has been happening around here lately. It's the rich people who've profited. Our middle class dollars have been used to make up for what the rich people haven't been paying the past years.

And we po' folks are tired of carrying the load.

I was taught that paying your share of taxes was part of the dues you paid for living in this great nation.

Paying them. Not electing people who would change laws so you could get out of paying taxes.

It's not socialism. It's patriotism.

Thor sez: Redistribute some of that cat food over here, please.


Anonymous said...

California pays the most Federal Revenue in dollar amount of any state; when Federal $$ are distributed, California gets back $.78 per dollar paid; Alaska gets $1.84 and Arizona gets $1.21; interestingly, Florida and Texas are almost even at $.97 and $.94. Almost all the states in the top 10 amount paid in Federal Revenue are in the bottom 10 for amount of Federal $$ returned to the state.
If that is not 'redistributing' the wealth, what do you call it?

JanetLee said...


It's called redistributing wealth.

And it's been going on for a long time (at least 8 years, dontcha think?).

It isn't some socialist plot just cooked up yesterday by Obama.

Agricola said...

Follow the link:

From the link:

The CBO data includes a breakdown by each 20% of income earners, or
quintiles, from the lowest 20% of income earners to the highest 20%. This reveals more clearly
what is happening with the tax burdens among the bottom 50% of income earners.
The latest CBO data, for tax year 2005, is shown in Table 2. The top 1% of income
earners paid 39% of federal income taxes, while earning 18% of pre-tax income. The top 5%
paid 61% of federal income taxes, while earning 31% of pre-tax income. These numbers are very
similar to the IRS numbers above.
But the CBO data also shows that the middle 20% of income earners, the true middle
class, paid only 4.4% of federal income taxes. The bottom 40% of income earners actually paid a
negative 3.8% of federal income taxes. That means they got money back on net from the federal
income tax system, rather than paying money. The top 40% paid 99.4% of federal income taxes,
covering for the negative 3.8% paid to the lowest 40% of income earners.
Table 2
Congressional Budget Office data, 2005

Without introducing Obama's proposed "tax-cut", I think it is objectively true that the top earners (of which I am definitely not included) pay way more in taxed than the bottom half.

JanetLee said...

Dang! I must freaking stinking rich cos my tax bill comes out to about 15% of my income after my piddly rebate.

But then, being truly middle class, I can't afford tax shelters every where to mitigate what I pay.

Anonymous said...

So what I want to know is where the @%$* is my $.22 cents? I want it back from Alaska - I will fight to stop this socialistic practice. And from the state that pays the most I am proud to say my middle class status allows me to pay 28% - and no, we are NOT rich, just 2 hardworking folks, who 'may' just get a break under Obama's plan.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha! That's how it went there! "(Sen.)Stevens of Alaska, convicted of corruption on Monday, has been one of the Senate's most powerful Republicans, using his authority to steer billions of dollars of federal spending to his home state."
Has he been redistributing our wealth?