Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blatant Product Endorsement

Yesterday, I went to Super Petz to get some bird feed and cat food. I was standing by the windows where they have kittens (and bunnies!) for adoption, talking through the little air holes to the sweetest black and white kitten when one of the employees approached me. I had to tell him, that no, I couldn't adopt a kitten because I have the two meanest, most spoiled kittens in the world. He then asked if I wanted to hold the kitten and love on it a little bit. And I had to confess that I wasn't allowed to do that either. Last time I petted a kitten, Thor hissed at me for almost an hour.

Gives a more accurate definition to the term "pussy whipped", huh?

I also bought, after what I'm sure looked like some sort of apoplectic fit to the other customers, a FURminator. The fit was due to the fact that it was priced at $35.00.

"For a stupid cat brush to toss on to the pile of freaking cat brushes you already have?!" is what the money manager side of my brain was screaming at me.

"But I've heard such wonderful things about it! And both cats have puked up hairballs this week! You are a bad kitten mommy!" is what the money foolish side of my brain was screaming back.

And you all know, dear readers, that I ended up buying it because I am incapable of denying my fur babies anything.

I have one thing to say:

Worth every penny!

I worried at first that they wouldn't like it because I've never used a comb on them before. And this is how brushing usually goes around here:

But other than Thor's refusal to stand still, leading to his getting knocked in the face a few times, they enjoyed it.

And if you clicked on the link above, the picture of the dog with the clouds of fur around him? Exactly what my rug looked like. And it worked on both of them. They have very different fur types. Thor's undercoat is very thin and his fur is very fine. Loki has what we call rabbit fur. It is very thick and luxurious.

Loki fur after two passes (and a full brushing yesterday):

The FURminator worked great on both of them. Plus, it works so quickly, that I'm actually able to do a good job on areas like under their chins or their bellies, where they usually wouldn't put up with me brushing for too long with another type of brush.

Go buy one. Today!

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