Monday, October 13, 2008

We're Baaaa-aack!

Lovely vacation. Absolutely gorgeous B&B. (With a welcoming Obama sign on the front porch.) Gracious and fascinating hostess (kept thinking "she needs to be a Skirt! woman!"). Perfect weather. Challenging hiking. Good autumn color.

Here's a tidbit:

No vacation kittens this time:

That's Xena, the pit bull and Lucy, the terrier mix. I think Lucy and Thor have the same personality.

Oh, where were we?

Pennsylvania. Eastern. In the Pocono Mountains.

More when I have had coffee with real creamer.

Thor sez: I am not a dog!


Marcheline said...

PA rocks. Glad you guys got away for a bit - this is the best month on the whole calendar!

- M

Carla said...

Care to give the name of the B&B?