Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Quick! To the voting booths everyone! The gays are storming your churches, your synagogues, your mosques demanding to be married!

Last time this was the whip-up-the-vote issue, I had an acquaintance tell me that she was voting for whoever was against gay marriage because her pastor had told her that if "the law" was allowed, they would be "forced" to perform gay weddings in her church.

I asked her, "Is your pastor now required to marry anyone who asks?"

"No," she replied, "you have to take his pre-marital classes before he agrees to marry you."

"And he wouldn't be able to say no to a gay couple?"

"Not if the law passes."

I was going to try to explain to her that her pastor's right to refuse to marry a couple on any grounds wouldn't be affected by a gay couple being allowed to enter in to a civil union (I know a gentleman who was denied marriage at his fiancee's church because she is white and he is hispanic), but my head hurt too bad.


jaz said...

Ah, you were asking her to think an issue through rather than just recite a slogan.

This was the problem.

JanetLee said...

Yes I know. Thinking hurts. Takes away from time watching television.

Uncle Zoloft said...

Hi there,

I just found your blog though the P&C Charleston Blog list.

I am a notary. I have married people in civil unions for the past 18 years; the first two couples I married are still together. My partner and I have been in a loving, monogomus relationship for 15 years. We own a home together {we've won Yard of the Month a couple of times} we pay taxes and my partners family lives all around this state. They love us and we love them. I now have the couples who I marry always wonder aloud "that I can't get married, yet I can marry them." Nuf said.

Kittens I'm so glad to have you and your blog in our community. May I link your blog to mine?

Two other quick notes:
#1 Go to:
watch, pass it on and donate if you can.

#2 Vote for Frank Willis in the Democratic primary ~ I've broken bread with him and found an essence of Lincoln: he knows that if he get's the job he'll make decisions neither side will like, but thos decisions will be made in the interests of every citizen in this state and for all of their equalities.

Uncle Z

JanetLee said...

Uncle Z - forgive the long delay in replying, computer problems plus night shift make for poor manners. I would be honored to be linked (oooh-it sounds so, so, 21st century of me).