Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Anne Coulter was popping up all over my television today.

It isn't her political views that make me dislike her. I like lots of conservative Republicans.

It's the depth and strength of her bitter hatred and the vile accusations that flow from her lips like poison.

It must be eating away at her soul.

I'd feel sorry for her if I didn't get the impression that she likes being that nasty.

Or maybe I should feel sorry for her for liking it.

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bbum said...

I'm betting Ann Coulter is the Republican version of Jerry Springer, but without the honesty part.

It is all an act. A big, mean, evil, bullying, nasty, vicious, soul destroying, act.

On the inside, I bet she is a pot smoking, hard drinking, liberal minded party animal. This is all just a big joke to suck money from the radicals too stupid to recognize it for what it is.

At least, I keep telling myself that because I can't believe anyone human can be that... that... evil.