Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Off we go to the wilds of western North Carolina for a few days. Lake Lure to be specific. Where we shall cruise the lake, climb the Chimney, go giggle at the fire truck license plates at Bat Cave and hopefully make a side trip to Black Mountain and Montreat, although we might head in the opposite direction to a nearby vineyard. We shall see.

I am having my normal pre-road trip spasm of house cleaning. I don't know why, but the house must be spotless before I leave. Not that it won't be knee deep in cat fur when we get back. Hmm, perhaps I can add vacuuming to the list I'm leaving for my brother. I wonder if he'll fall for it.

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Uncle Zoloft said...

Add a cash bonus if he vacuums.

I can't wait for our yearly Montreat trip! Have fun!