Monday, June 19, 2006

I was on call for a few hours last night. So to waste time (because really what can you do when you have to be able to be at the hospital in 20 minutes?) I was surfing around the Cute Overload site, looking at kittens because I could so easily be that crazy cat lady with 50 cats. There was a link to a site called "Rate My Cat" so I went there, looking at all the cute kitties. Then this image popped up on the screen:

I about fell out of my chair because that cat is practically identical to my Boo Kitty. My Boo died about six years ago. I've told people that he was the only cat I've ever loved like a human. He was the most amazing cat - broken, then amputated tail, neurogenic bladder (from nerve damage in the tail break) two operations so he could pee. Daily trips for a year to the vet for hand expression of his bladder until the nerves regenerated (I said I LOVED this cat).

Through it all, he remained the sweetest, smartest, funniest cat I ever owned. And the best hunter. He once brought me a fish. Only a very large minnow, but a fish. And he loved to be vacuumed. He would lay in front of the vacuum until I vacummed him with the hose attachement. He loved it.

He was the best.

My Boo

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