Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why do people get all huffy in traffic along Highway 61? It's 61, dude. No, there is not a wreck ahead slowing things down, this is the way it is. All. The. Time. Stop swinging out to make sure that there is traffic in front of me. Go live some where else if it's going to give you a stroke or at least try to pull off the road before you have it.

Why do I pay good money to let some-one slather hot wax on my eyebrows and rip the hair out by the roots? (Actually there is an answer to this one. It's because while Brooke Shields may be able to get away with the caterpiller eyebrow look, I, being no Brooke Shields, cannot.)

Why do I get all teary eyed when that old couple from around the block go out for "walks" on their matching Hover-rounds?

Why, when presented with a loblolly pine seedling, did I have to warn Jason not to plant it too close to the house or the insurance company will raise the rates or make us cut it down as soon as it gets grown.

Why am I sitting here thinking up why things when I should be finishing the query package for the agent that was recommended to me?

Okay, I'm going now.


Mike said...

I drove 61 every morning in the late 80s from Summerville to Charleston. On a bad day I saw 3 other cars and a deer crossing the road. I don't have to do it anymore but today a deer would be lucky to find a place to cross.

JanetLee said...

Mike, I drove 61 from Springfield to TTC in the late 70's/early 80's when you went 61 to Wallenburg to Ashley Hall to Orange Grove to Cosgrove to the Interstate to Rivers and that still took less time than it takes to get from Bee's Ferry & 61 to Magwood nowadays.