Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Okay. I've never considered procrastination a bad thing, but since I've been caught at it twice in about as many weeks, I figured I'd better get off my lazy butt.

I have completed the package for the agent. It only awaits Jason's label making skills. Which means I tried and failed miserably to figure out how to make big labels. I can make small labels. Really, I can.

I have vacuumed and swept and dusted the entire house. That includes the big chore of vacuuming all the cat hair off of chairs, sofas, cat trees, cat beds, curtains, and hunting down and killing the fist sized hair balls that will someday morph in to actual real live cats one day.

Then I finally finished the big job. The room formerly known as my son's, which is supposed to be a storage-for-his-stuff/guest room. I had it all nice and neat, his things boxed up and labeled. Musical equipment over here, computer equipment over there, clothes here, books, CDs and DVDs there.

Then he came home for ten days.

So, I've repacked, restacked and recleaned the entire room. The cats are happy because I've rotated the box fronts and now they have entirely new surfaces to scratch down to literally nothing.

I have paid bills, I have washed dishes. I have even remembered to take something out of the freezer for dinner. Although I noticed Pennachio's sign said it was "filet and lobster" night tonight. Yumm-O!

I have carried some stuff out to the shed. I have left a pile of stuff for Jason to put up in the attic. I know my limitations and that ladder with these knees and that elbow....don't think so.

I have captured the cats who escaped while I was taking stuff out. Sutu and Thor. Sutu went right back inside when I told him. The guy next door (not the old guy, the guy with the ugly pile o' trash) got treated to the sight of moi in my lovely pink and red polka dot pajama bottoms and hot pink t-shirt standing in the middle of the yard and yelling, "Thor, you better get your skanky kitten ass back in that house right now!" You really do have to yell at him like that. I swear he is the product of some weird science project gone awry. He has a dog brain in a cat body.

But he is sooooooo cute.

Okay. I can begin procrastinating again now.


Kelly Love said...

I will now have an uncontrollable craving for Pennachio's until I can get there again (and it's been a couple of YEARS...thanks for reminding me that it's there...).
Do they still play Sinatra at suppertime?

JanetLee said...

They were playing something Sinatra-ish last night. I wasn't paying that much attention, too busy snarfing up steak and lobster.